Find out how to best determine which heat gun you need to get the job done.

Industrial users are often experienced with using heat guns in different applications, but what they may be less familiar with is that certain heat guns perform better in particular settings. When detail-specific projects need to be completed accurately and efficiently, it helps to know which heat gun is best suited for a particular use. There are several variables (gun weight, application) to consider in this decision-making, and Master Appliance has all the answers to help guide you toward the right heat gun for getting the job done right.

Download our infographic for more specifics on models like:
  • The Master Heat Gun - and how its durability stands up to high-use applications.
  • The Surface Temp Control Heat Gun - and how its infrared meter makes it useful for sensitive applications.
  • The MasterFlow Heat Gun - and how it can be used to dry inks and bend plastics.